Energy and Asset Management

eServices utilizes its relationships, experience and extensive knowledge to provide energy management services to gas fired power plants and other energy facilities that require asset optimization, energy procurement and hedging.

For asset owners, we can manage your supply needs while minimizing costs and optimizing underutilized assets. We have extensive experience managing transportation and gas fired assets across the eastern seaboard.

We currently manage gas assets for multiple Fortune 500 firms and help them manage their supply at the optimal cost. This includes fuel supply and pipeline optimization, forward trading and hedging, daily scheduling and imbalance management, billing and settlement and regulatory assistance.

For power plant owners, we can provide both asset and energy management services and via our partner entities can manage your on-site O&M and staffing needs. Additionally, we can maximize the value of your asset in both daily and term markets.

For all energy users, we can evaluate the supply options available and make recommendations that fit corporate objectives and then acquire competitively priced supplies under terms that maximize profits while minimizing risks.

We utilize state-of-the-art systems and provide ongoing information and advice on market developments including fuel economics, supply, transportation and scheduling considerations.